2020 Condensed Season Cancelled

Aloha SCCA Hawaii Solo Drivers,

It is with a very heavy heart that I report the cancellation of the remainder of our 2020 events due to the restrictions set by the City’s Reopening Strategy on Outdoor Sports and the Stadium’s occupancy of the Lower Halawa Lot through the beginning of January 2021 for the drive-thru Christmas light show.

The SCCA Chiefs are working extermely hard to find ways to reopen Solo events and keep our State safe by following the City’s Tiered Plan. We are also exploring ways to obtain an exemption to hold our events since our sport lends to an extremely COVID friendly event. If you would like to submit testimony to support our efforts, please email me and Mike using this link.

Thank you all for your continued understanding, support, and perseverance to get our events going. Please continue to do your part to get the State to Tier 4 so we can get back on the track! Until then… stay safe, sane, and keep those cars running!

Jennifer Parker
SCCA Hawaii Solo Chairperson

October 2020 Events Cancelled

Aloha SCCA Hawaii Solo Drivers,

It is with a heavy heart that I report the cancellation of our October 2020 events due to the latest update from the City’s Reopening Strategy.

While I haven’t seen anything formally released by the State, the City’s Reopening Strategy shows that our event would fall under the “Outdoor Sports” category, which is limited to 5 people in Tier 1-2, 10 people in Tier 3, and 25 people in Tier 4. This means we are unable to hold any events in Tiers 1-3. For Tier 4, we may be able to If we hold (2) separate events in one day, which may work if we significantly limit our entrants. The Stadium has confirmed this interpretation of the City’s guidelines and looks forward to discussing event strategies when we approach Tier 4.

I’m super bummed that we are unable to hold our events until late in the City’s Reopening Plans. Thank you all for your understanding, support, and continued perseverance to get our events going. The Solo Chiefs made several large planning & preparation steps towards holding an event amidst the COVID pandemic and I do not consider our work lost efforts. We are now better prepared to organize an event when the opportunity presents itself.

Please continue to do your part to get the State to Tier 4 so we can get back on the track! Until then… stay safe, sane, and keep those cars running!

Jennifer Parker
SCCA Hawaii Solo Chairperson

Race #4 Cancelled

Due to the effects of COVID, the Stadium is keeping the unused rental cars in the Lower Halawa Parking Lot through September 2020. As such, we must cancel Race #4 (9/20/2020).

There is a high probability that there will be more cancellations due to the uncertainty of the COVID climate. We have not found an alternative location to hold our events on Oahu and with COVID cases rising and the likelihood of State/City mandated lockdowns, we may not be able to hold our events even with a venue to do so. I am cancelling Solo events on a month-to-month basis with the hope of holding some sort of event in 2020 and will keep everyone updated accordingly.

If you haven’t already heard, the SCCA Solo National Championships were cancelled yesterday. Most of us who were planning to attend recently decided to cancel our plans ahead of this announcement, so this definitely confirmed that our decision was sound. Our last CLM Grant recipient, Ryan Sato, will be able redeem his grant earnings in 2021 and experience Solo Nationals without the cloud of COVID. Thank you to Amy Lee for extending the Grant timeframe.

For those of you who purchased a CLM Shirt, they are in print as we speak and I will send a separate email to coordinate delivery/pickup in a safe manner.

Thank you to all the Solo Chiefs & Crew members for their input, dedication, and commitment to our SCCA Ohana. Until we meet again on the track, stay healthy, safe, and sane!

Please review our updated event schedule here: http://www.sccahawaii.org/2020-condensed-season-event-schedule-pre-reg-dates/

Solo Spec Coupe (SSC) Now an Official Class

Solo Spec Coupe (SSC) is no longer a supplementary class and is now an official class. If you are interested in running in SSC, please review the rules below. With a spec class being a new thing in Hawaii region, please be aware that there are many restrictions on modifications. The idea is for every car to be identical.

Covid-19 Event Guidelines

Check out the SCCA National COVID-19 Event Guidelines for Rally/Solo Events. While we are unable to host Solo events on Oahu due to venue limitations, we look forward to getting up and running again soon. Updates will be emailed & posted when available. Until then, keep your sanity and stay in touch virtually. We are on Facebook and always available by email!

Click here for Covid-19 Event Guidelines
Click here for SCCA Hawaii’s Facebook Page
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Covid-19 Cancellations

It is with extreme sadness to report that Aloha Stadium will be shutting down until mid-May 2020 due to the COVID-19 status. As such, I must cancel Race #12 (3/29/2020) and our Championship Runoff (4/12/2020).

The 2019-2020 season Points Championship results will be based on current standings with a qualification minimum of 5 events in the same class. Currently, our Annual Awards Banquet plans are on hold until the COVID-19 virus is contained and life can resume to normal.

Please contact me with questions and keep each other safe from a distance.