Newly Confirmed March Race Dates

I am pleased to announce our newly acquired March Race Dates!

Race #4 – 3/07/2021
Race #5 – 3/14/2021IMPORTANT!

These dates, while confirmed, could be cancelled at anytime due to ongoing COVID conditions… even as late as the day before the event! While I hope no cancellations are incurred, drivers must be aware of this possibility and therefore drivers need to CHECK YOUR EMAILS!

All events are pre-registration only and drivers will be charged AFTER check-in occurs so there is no risk of lost payment/credit. However, this does not excuse no shows. While we are understanding of extenuating circumstances, I ask all drivers follow the rules and common courtesy by showing up on-time and provide timely notification to me or Joey (Chief of Registration) should a mitigating circumstance arise between pre-registration and race day. No Shows are subject to revocation of pre-registration privileges at the discretion of the Chief of Registration and/or Event Chair.

Lastly, I am happy to remind drivers that we’ve increased our event entry cap to 100 and opened pre-registration to all drivers! We are also allowing each driver (1) pit crew from the same household/bubble provided they arrive in the same vehicle as the driver. Our events have never been a spectator event, however we allow non-drivers as pit crew for those who need it. Please note, this is something we are monitoring very closely and abuse of this priviledge can result in its removal for future events. COVID is still very real and present ~ Everyone’s compliance and respect for our new and existing rules has helped us get to where we are today.