Solo Event Information

Event Schedule (subject to change):

6:30am    Track set-up
7:00am    Event Gate Opens / Walk-up Registration Opens  /  Tech Opens
8:00am    Course Open for Walking, Morning Check-in for Pre-Reg’d Drivers Closes
                 Walk-up registration closes
8:30am    Morning Tech Closes, Rookie Walk (if RK runs Heat 2)
8:45am    Morning Driver’s Meeting
9:15am    Heat 1 & 2
11:00am  Afternoon Check-in for Pre-Registered Drivers Closes

30 Minute Lunch / Afternoon Course Walk / Rookie Walk (if RK runs Heat 3 or 4)
Afternoon Tech Opens at end of Heat 2
Afternoon Tech Closes
at Start of Lunch
15 Minute Afternoon Driver’s Meeting

4:30pm    Latest Event End Time / Clean Up
5:00pm    All Cars Exit Lower Halawa Lot

Pre-registration & Registration:

  • ALL pre-registration MUST be paid by Credit or Debit Card or eCheck.
  • No refunds for no-shows who pre-registered (for all events).
  • Effective 1/08 – all drivers must be SCCA members. Weekend membership available for $15.
  • Pre-registration via – 130 driver limit.
    • Pre-registration starts no later than 0900 Saturday prior to event weekend (unless otherwise stated)
  • Open slots on a 1st come 1st serve basis on the date of event or until we reach the 100 driver total limit.
  • Pre-registration is NOT transferable.
  • Pre-registered drivers for heats 1 & 2 must arrive by 8:00am
  • Pre-registered drivers for heats 3 & 4 must arrrive by 11:00am.
  • ALL drivers must show valid driver’s license & current/weekend SCCA membership at registration.

Registration Fees:

Pre-Register through

  • Pre-Reg SCCA Members: $50
  • Pre-Reg Non Members: $65 ($50 + $15 for weekend membership)
  • Walk-up Reg SCCA Members: $60
  • Walk-up Reg Non Members: $75 ($60 + 15 for weekend membership)
  • Fun Run Cards: $5 for 5-Run Card (no expiration date)

General Information:

  • Enter through swap meet entrance(s) and pay the swap meet entry fee.
    • Gate 1 (Main Gate) will be open from 6am to 3pm.
    • Gate 3 (Halawa Gate) will be open from 7:30am to 1:30pm.
  • Solo event gate opens at 7am.
  • NO pegging of tents in asphalt – violators will be fined $500 per hole or cost of repairs (whichever is greater).
  • ALL tents MUST be attended at all times and securely anchored with weights.
  • Bring your own trash bags and take your own trash with you, do NOT use the Stadium trash barrels.
  • Car # and class required per SCCA rule section 3.7 (E)
  • Minimum of 8” high with 1.25” stroke for number
  • Minimum of 4” high with 0.75” stroke for letters
  • Car # or class not legible by timing worker = no time.
  • No shoe polish or painter’s tape.
  • Only drivers allowed in pit/track areas (SCCA wrist bands).
  • Non-drivers will park on swap meet side of the stadium (red/green wrist bands).
  • NO DRIFTING ALLOWED… Drifters will be:
    • Flagged IMMEDIATELY and the course will be stopped.
    • Ejected from the event immediately.
    • Banned from participation in any future Solo events.
  • There will be NO CASH transactions at the event.
    • $20 fee for returned checks & all future payments must be via check or money order
  • Food and drinks:
    • No selling of food/drink at event
    • You are responsible for your own food/drinks
    • Please support Aloha Stadium & Centerplate at the Swap Meet if you choose not to bring your own food
  • Fun Run sessions will be determined during heat 4. 5-run Fun Run cards are available for purchase during registration for $5 each.
  • Per Stadium Authority… only designated medical personnel can contact 911 in case of an emergency.

Fun-Run Rules:

  • ALL fun-run drivers must have 1 partner to share work duties (2 drivers per team)
  • Fun-Run cards are sold during registration (check or money order) and pre-registration (via MSR) ONLY.
  • Car must have passed tech/safety inspection
  • Driver MUST have participated in today’s event
  • ALL fun-run drivers MUST help clean up at the end of the event. (Leave ID/credit card as collateral)
  • ALL standard rules apply during fun-runs (i.e. no drifting).
  • ONE passenger allowed provided s/he:
    • Is no younger than 12 years old or is at least 57” tall.
    • is in a vehicle which has passed safety (tech) inspection (Section 3.3.3)
    • Is wearing a properly fitted seat belt & properly fitted helmet.
    • Has completed and signed the required participant waiver(s).
  • Approved helmet/shoes required for ALL participants

Regarding Work Assignments:

  • Workers not at their assigned work station and ready to work will be assigned DNW (Did Not Work) = no times or points will be awarded.
  • Drivers not ready to run at scheduled heat will be assigned DNS (Did Not Start) = no times or points will be awarded.
  • As heat 1 & 3 drivers complete their runs, go directly to the assigned work station and replace heat 1 & 3 workers.
  • As heat 1 & 3 workers are replaced, go to your car which is already in grid B and get ready to run.
  • There will be minimal down time to change drivers/workers between heat 1 & 2 and heat 3 & 4.
  • To minimize distraction at the busy timing and scoring area, all non-workers are asked to stay behind the trailer.

Important Reminders:

  • Timing and scoring will NOT be responsible for informing racers as to where they hit cones or made a DNF.
  • Drivers cannot cause their own reruns.
  • There will be fun runs if we can finish the heats early.
  • ALL drivers and workers must wear closed-toe & heel shoes.
  • 2-driver cars will run in the same heat unless otherwise arranged.
  • Running out of heat (including 2-driver cars) will risk protest by other competitors in the same class when weather is a factor.
  • Car class mis-classification found during audit:
    • Event chief will discuss error with competitor
    • If mis-classification caused a car to run in the wrong heat, a penalty will be assessed only if weather was a factor.

Sound Levels (measured in dBC):

  • Sound level maximum is 108dBC at 50 feet from edge of course
    • Runs exceeding 100dBC
      • Driver will be notified
      • Time will not be affected
    • 1st run exceeding 108dBC
      • Time will not be affected
      • Driver will be warned and viable remedy must be approved by the Chief Steward or representative prior to next run of event
    • 2nd run exceeding 108dBC
      • DNF scored for run
      • Driver will be warned and another viable remedy must be attempted and approved by the Chief Steward or representative prior to next run of event
    • Last run exceeding 108dBC
      • DNF scored for run regardless of not  being given previous warning
      • Driver will be warned and viable remedy must be attempted and approved by the Chief Steward or representative prior to next event
    • Any run exceeding 108dBC
      • No rerun for any reason is allowed
      • If this occurred during the first infraction over 108dBC with runs 1 to 3, then the run time stands

Points Championship:

  • Points Championship is a season-long competition
  • Drivers earn points for each race based on placement in class
  • A minimum of (6) events IN THE SAME CLASS is required to qualify
    • Points are a cumulative total PER CLASS
  • Awards will be distributed at an end of season banquet

Run-off Qualification Requirements:

  • Must participate in a minimum of (6) events in the same car class
  • Top 5 in points requirement removed
  • Trophy places will remain at 5
  • Total 6 run format… 3 runs in the morning & 3 runs in the afternoon.
  • Final result = total of best run in the morning and best run in the afternoon