Policy Updates & New Race Dates!

Aloha SCCA Drivers!

The Chiefs have voted and decided on the following effective 5/2/2021:

  • Pit Crew can be from outside bubble but still no separate Pit Vehicles
  • Pre-registrations will be charged at time of pre-registration
    • No credits will be issued if cancellations are deemed non-emergent or health related

I am also excited to announce 2 more race dates for 2021!

Race #10 – 5/23/2021
e #11 – 6/27/2021

IMPORTANT! These dates, while confirmed, could be cancelled at anytime due to ongoing COVID conditions and the possibility of the 50th State Fair returning this Summer. While I hope no cancellations are incurred, drivers must be aware of this possibility and therefore drivers need to CHECK YOUR EMAILS!

See you at the races!
Jennifer Parker
SCCA Hawaii Solo Chair