Rally leadership changes

An internal vote between rally leadership has been conducted to determine responsibilities and roles within the program.  Here is a summary of the voting outcome:

  1. Rally Chair, Rally Treasurer, and Rally Secretary are to be be consistent throughout all SCCA Hawaii Rally Programs (RallyCross, Road Rally, Rally Trials, Rally Sprint).
  2. Davin Kubo is the Vice Rally Chair
  3. Michael Paquin is the Rally Treasurer
  4. Max Pham is the Treasurer Pro Tempore
  5. Rally Secretary is vacant; Secretary Pro Tempore active until next election
  6. Max Pham is the Secretary Pro Tempore
  7. All the roles and responsibilities of the 14 SCCA Hawaii Rally Program have passed

For more information on roles and responsibilities, please refer to the following link:
SCCA Rally – Roles and Responsibilities (June 2019)