Fasttrack Updates

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Generally, the SCCA rules are set at the beginning of the year. Some of the fasttrack entries will update the rules for the current and future years. We will attempt to summarize changes from the rulebook within the season!

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Biggest change to the 2014 rule book has been the change from Stock to Street classes.
Most of the stock rules have changed over to street without changes.
Street tires with treadware of 140 or higher must be used for the 2014 season.
Street tires with treadware of 200 or higher must be used for the 2015 season.
All classification of cars have been moved around so please check the new Street class you should be in.

March 2014
A Street has added the Camaro Z28 (2014) to the list.
B Street has added the Porsche Macan (Turbo and S) (2015) to the list.

February 2014
Street Touring:
The STAC has reviewed this letter requesting clarification on the O2 sensor. In the committee’s opinion, the O2 sensor is not part of the exhaust system and is not free to be omitted from a replacement system.
A car sold by dealers in U.S. Territories is only eligible for Stock, Street Touring, and Street Prepared if it is identical to the U.S. market counterpart.

Street Prepared:
The answers to the member’s requests for clarification are as follows:
1. Is removing the valve’s exposure to boost a change to the valve?
Yes, removing the valve’s exposure to boost is a change to the valve.
2. If the competitor replaces the intercooler, the BOV must be mounted on the new intercooler such that it functions as it does on the stock intercooler.

STF has added the Honda Insight.
STX has changed the Passat to Passat (2.0T, VR6 W8)
STX has added the Volvo 240 Turbo (1981-1985)
STS has added the Porsche 914 (4 cylinder)
FSP has added the Sentra 1.8L (2000-06)

January 2014
Street/Stock clarification:
Per the SAC, this is meant to clarify the +/- 1” wheel allowance in Street:
Start with a vehicle that is legal in the 2013 Stock category, with any allowed optional (per Solo rules Section 12.4) wheel packages that were available from the factory (not dealer installed). You can then go up or down 1” on any wheel. If your car came with 17’s on all four corners you can run 16, 17 or 18’s up front and then 16, 17 or 18’s in the rear. So a 16” front/18” rear combo is legal as is a 18” fronts/16” rear combo.
If the car was available with an optional 18” package that was also 1” wider you may run any combination of 17, 18 or 19’s at this wider width. You may not mix and match standard and optional wheel packages. So in this last case you may not run 16’s. Also, if your car came with wider wheels in the rear you may not run them on the front.

F Street has added Audi A6 V8 (1997 – 2014) & A6 V6 Supercharged (2008-2014)
G Street has been changed to Audi A6 (I4, V6 NOC)

Street Touring clarification of the rules:
1. The piggyback ECU must be used alongside the standard (see 12.4) ECU. If a piggyback has been installed it is not allowed to additionally modify the standard ECU in any way.
SCCA Fastrack News January 2014 Page 24
2. The piggyback ECU must be “supplemental” to the standard ECU and as such the standard ECU must retain some functionality.
3. The piggyback ECU must be “plug in compatible” with the standard ECU. So it must be possible to unplug the piggyback ECU and associated harness, and the car must be able to run on the standard ECU.

C Street Prepared has added Subaru & Scion BRZ & FR-S (2013-2014)