Race #1 – February 4, 2024

Congratulations for making it through the first race of 2024! As most of you already know, this season we are going to be doing a points championship. Yes, that means that there will be a banquet with all the awards, merchandise and all sorts of fun. So, let’s kick off the review of Race #1!

For the first race of the season we had 80 participants come and register which is great. First off, let’s review the raw time podium. In 1st place with the trifecta of raw time, PAX time and class time we have Daniel Boatman in his Ford Focus RS with a time of 33.743, congrats Daniel for the win. In 2nd place we have the Red Tesla driven by Michael Parker with a time of 33.893. And finally in 3rd place we have Elliot Loo in his BMW 320IS with a time of 34.138.

As you all know the weather at the track that day was less than preferable, so with that being said I would like to thank everyone that worked at the trailer for being so cooperative. The workers at the trailer had to relocate halfway through the event due to some rainy weather which must have made their job that much more difficult than it already is, so thank you to all of you who worked extra hard.

Per usual, the Rookie class had the most participants with 14 people. Mixed in the rookie class we had a few 1st timers, so a special congrats to those 1st timers for coming out to race with the SCCA Hawaii community. The rookie that took gold in this event and is leading his class in points is the White Type R driver, Chase Pacpaco with a time of 36.013.

As I’m wrapping up this review of this last event I want to say a special thanks to all the chiefs who spent lots of their time to make improvements and changes to the way we do things at the track like the timing equipment and even the spectators. So with that said, thank you chiefs for all the work you do for the racing community! I hope everyone who gets a chance to read this had a wonderful time at the first race of 2024.

Race #1: Results

Points: Championship Points (sccahawaii.org)

Mahalo Nui,

Kyson Parker

​​​​​​​SCCA Hawaii Volunteer