2016 Curtis Lee Memorial Grant Application

Submit your application for the Curtis Lee Memorial Grant!! Trust me, there’s no hurt in applying and it’s totally worth every moment.

Applicants must be current SCCA members in good standing, regularly participate in SCCA Hawaii Solo events, demonstrate exceptional dedication to the sport of Autocross/Solo, and be able to travel to and/or participate in the 2016 SCCA Solo National Championship event in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The purpose of the CLM Grant is to increase SCCA Hawaii Region participation at the SCCA Solo National Championships and perpetuate the spirit of Curtis Lee, our fearless and dedicated leader who made SCCA Hawaii Solo what it is today. The 2015 CLM Grant is valued at $1,200 redeemable towards the cost of travel, registration fees, competition vehicle transport, and other related costs for the 2016 SCCA Solo National Championships as approved by the Grant committee.

I encourage anyone interested in broadening their SCCA Solo knowledge and experience to apply for the CLM Grant. Applicants must be able to attend the 2016 SCCA Solo Nationals Championships which is typically held in early September at Lincoln Airpark in Nebraska.

Since the start of the CLM Grant, the Hawaii Region has tripled our presence at this event that sees 1,200+ drivers from across the Nation. Previous Grant Recipients include Cory Tomoyasu, Gabe Hanohano, Joey Battista, and Daniel Boatman. Ask anyone of these guys and they will attest to the awesomeness that is SCCA Solo Nationals. It is an experience that Curtis treasured and one that his family wishes each and everyone one of our members to have a chance at.


New points format!

Big change in how points are scored!
1st place gets 1000 points
1st place time / 2nd place time x 1000 = 2nd place points
1st place time / 3rd place time x 1000 = 3rd place points and so on

You also drop your 3 lowest point races! It should help keep big classes closer in terms of points by the end of the year.