Solo Spec Coupe (SSC) Now an Official Class

Solo Spec Coupe (SSC) is no longer a supplementary class and is now an official class. If you are interested in running in SSC, please review the rules below. With a spec class being a new thing in Hawaii region, please be aware that there are many restrictions on modifications. The idea is for every car to be identical.

Covid-19 Event Guidelines

Check out the SCCA National COVID-19 Event Guidelines for Rally/Solo Events. While we are unable to host Solo events on Oahu due to venue limitations, we look forward to getting up and running again soon. Updates will be emailed & posted when available. Until then, keep your sanity and stay in touch virtually. We are on Facebook and always available by email!

Click here for Covid-19 Event Guidelines
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Covid-19 Cancellations

It is with extreme sadness to report that Aloha Stadium will be shutting down until mid-May 2020 due to the COVID-19 status. As such, I must cancel Race #12 (3/29/2020) and our Championship Runoff (4/12/2020).

The 2019-2020 season Points Championship results will be based on current standings with a qualification minimum of 5 events in the same class. Currently, our Annual Awards Banquet plans are on hold until the COVID-19 virus is contained and life can resume to normal.

Please contact me with questions and keep each other safe from a distance.

SCCA General Meeting Results

Hello all SCCA Hawaii members – Mark your calendars for the next Board of Directors/general meeting to be held on Wednesday, March 25th at 6:30PM. Location TBA.

Last nights meeting went without a hitch. Votes were cast to amend our By-Laws to include email as a viable form of correspondence, 2020 Board of Directors positions were elected, and the possibility of including outer-island members in our meetings via video or phone call were discussed among other things. Remember that you are always welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings to make your voice heard and stay informed on topics that affect you. Thank you to everyone who could make it!

Newly elected Board of Directors for 2020 are as follows:
Regional Executive: Mike Parker
Assistant Regional Executive: Howard Shek
Membership Chairperson: Ina Yost
Secretary: Ryan Strada
Treasurer: Ed Kemper
Communications Chairperson: Mia Vallero
Director: Shantelle Clarke
Director: Elliot Loo
Director: Rick Okazaki
Director: Mike Paquin
Director: Max Pham
Director: Paul Schwartz
Director: Fred Yost

As a reminder, the Curtis Lee Memorial Grant 2019-2020 Application Form is due Saturday, February 15th! That’s in just 30 days. This is the last year this grant will be offered. Please complete and submit your application asap. For more information:…/curtis-lee-memorial-grant-201…/…

Lastly, the @sccahawaii Instagram account is active again. 

Curtis Lee Memorial Grant 2019-2020 Application

2019-2020 CLM Grant applications are now being accepted!  Remember, this is the final year that this awesome grant will be offered.  Get those applications in!

The purpose of the CLM Grant is to support the continued growth of the Hawaii
region SCCA Solo program and to perpetuate the spirit, values & ideals of Curtis Lee
by providing the opportunity to experience the SCCA Solo National Championship.
The $1,200 CLM Grant is redeemable towards the cost of travel, registration fees,
competition vehicle transport, and other related costs for attending the SCCA Solo
National Championship.

Download here: 2019-2020 CLM Grant Application

Rally leadership changes

An internal vote between rally leadership has been conducted to determine responsibilities and roles within the program.  Here is a summary of the voting outcome:

  1. Rally Chair, Rally Treasurer, and Rally Secretary are to be be consistent throughout all SCCA Hawaii Rally Programs (RallyCross, Road Rally, Rally Trials, Rally Sprint).
  2. Davin Kubo is the Vice Rally Chair
  3. Michael Paquin is the Rally Treasurer
  4. Max Pham is the Treasurer Pro Tempore
  5. Rally Secretary is vacant; Secretary Pro Tempore active until next election
  6. Max Pham is the Secretary Pro Tempore
  7. All the roles and responsibilities of the 14 SCCA Hawaii Rally Program have passed

For more information on roles and responsibilities, please refer to the following link:
SCCA Rally – Roles and Responsibilities (June 2019)